YouTube Boasts 1.5 Billion Viewers Monthly Watching Over One Hour Of Video Daily

1.5 billion users visit YouTube every day while logged into their Google accounts, averaging one hour per day on mobile alone

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed 1.5 billion individuals visit YouTube monthly, averaging an hour of viewing per individual through mobile alone. Over the past year, YouTube viewing on TV’s has increased by 90% through streaming devices.

Although YouTube claims it has a long way to go to combat platform giants like Facebook, the statistics are still impressive – especially considering the countless users who view the website without being logged into a Google account.

According to a semi-annual report in the second half of 2016, Facebook and Instagram account for roughly 21% of all downstream data usage in North America – YouTube alone accounts for almost the same amount.

This statistic does not account for the users who access YouTube through a WiFi connection to avoid maxing out monthly data allotments – YouTube’s bandwidth usage is about nine times more on fixed-access lines as opposed to mobile lines.

YouTube’s growing potential

C.E.O. Wojcicki noted that the average American watches approximately four hours of television per day – and began developing the video sharing platform according.

37 original shows and films have been produced for YouTube Red, a new premium service. YouTube is also planning to produce several original shows of the same mass popularity as House of Cards or Orange Is The New Black.

Keeping in mind the issue of data consumption, YouTube plans to produce a “lighter viewing” shows of no more than 10 minutes in length for viewing on mobile devices with data plans.

YouTube’s owner, Alphabet, gathered $9.5 billion in operational cash flow during the first quarter of the year. Facebook gathered $5 billion, proving the social media giant may have a worthy competitor after all.