World-Wide Recall of Around 1 Million Mercedes Vehicles Over Risk of Fire, Possibly Including ‘75,000 in UK’

The owners of around 75,000 Mercedes car in Britain may be affected by a recent global recalling of multiple models after reports of possible fires.

Issues with a few of the cars’ starter components within vehicles made between the years of 2015 and 2017 may make them overheat, say reports.


The risk of fire has prompted the owner of Mercades brands Daimler to initiate a recall of around one million cars worldwide, including A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class as well as CLA cars, GLA and GLC SUVs.

There were reports of around 51 fires, including 30 of them having been in the US.

Thankfully there were no deaths or injuries reported at all, and it still isn’t clear whether any of the remaining fires occurred in the Unite Kingdom.

Daimler stated that the starter current limiter may have overloaded under certain “unique” conditions that sees the driver repeatedly attempt to start the car after the engine seizes up.


A spokesman for Mercedes said to Car Dealer magazine: “There are potentially 75,000 cars in the UK which will be affected by the recall. This is a recall which is yet to be issued.”

The has begun to implement a solution to the issue in the initial production stages of new vehicles, and cars that are already with car dealerships will be repaired before being sold.

The magazine also reported that owners of Mercedes vehicles are to be be contacted this month.

Of the one million cars that are currently being recalled, it is predicted that 307,629 of them are located in the United States, a whopping 40,000 units under what Mercedes-Benz said in a report to regulators in the US.

The company didn’t have a breakdown of the locations outside of America where the Mercedes vehicles are being recalled.