Whatsapp Back Online After Several Hours Of Being Down

People all over the world became very anxious as WhatsApp was down for a couple of hours on Wednesday, leaving millions of users without a connection.

Owned by Facebook, the social application suffered a global outage breakdown that lasted around two and a half hours.

WhatsApp spokesperson talked with Reuters and explained that the company knows of the problem and they are working to fix it.

While users couldn’t send or receive any messages due to the malfunctioning, millions of users then headed to Twitter to raise the problem, surprised from the sudden breakdown.


“Earlier today, WhatsApp users in all parts of the world were unable to access WhatsApp for a few hours. We have now fixed the issue and apologize for the inconvenience,” WhatsApp said.

As much as many users were upset, others were looking for vengeance which lead to a spread of memes and gifs about the breakdown on social media.

According to Reuters, WhatsApp was down in some parts of Canada, the US as well as Brazil and India. The service was also down on three operating systems:  Apple Inc’s iOS, Alphabet Inc’s Android and Microsoft Corp’s Windows OS.


Some people heavily depend on WhatsApp for work. One example is Brazil where the highly educated professionals use the service.

As a substitute and a competitor to WhatsApp, many users headed to Telegram. Telegram had already been receiving people especially Brazilian customers from earlier WhatsApp breakdowns.

More than one billion people use WhatsApp on a global scale. It is a free application that lets users chat and call each other’s. Users can also share photos and videos through the app. WhatsApp became an essential tool in the modern communications. In 2014 and after being independent for several years, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion.