Vladimir Putin accused by Theresa May of meddling with elections

A strong attack has been launched by Theresa May against Russia. She has accused Moscow of being unlawfully involved in the elections and performing cyber espionage.

In talking about the increasing business numbers at a get together held in London, the prime minister opined that the government of Vladimir Putin was actively was aiming to bring down the government.

Mrs. Theresa May had said that it was going about putting fake stories about on the web in a bid to start a fight in the West.

In her statement, she added that the UK despite the fact they don’t desire to launch a clear and perpetual confrontation, they would do all that is necessary to guard its interests.

The comments she gave are in complete contrast to the statements of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who had said the week before that he was of the personal conviction that the denial by President Putin of being involved in the presidential elections that were in 2016.

Trump supports the agencies of the United States after the remarks made by Putin

Mrs. Theresa May had said in a statement at the Guildhall of London, which Putin must go on and choose a path different from the one that in recent years has had conflict stirred up in Ukraine and launch attacks over the internet across Europe on governments and Parliaments.

Russia could go to become a very valuable ally of the West, provided it plays by the rules.

“Various times had Russia gone against the dictates of the national airspace of multiple countries in Europe and placed an extended campaign of disruption and cyber espionage.”

“This has put in place election meddling and hacking of Bundestag and the Ministry of Defence of the Danish among others.”