US May Expand Laptop Ban To Cover All International Flights In And Out

Laptop ban to expand to all US international flights.

The laptop ban may expand in the US under Trump to cover all international inbound and outbound flights from or to the US.’

Why is the ban a good idea?

Although expanding the ban is not a final decision, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly explained that airlines face a threat from terrorists who want to bring down US-bound flights.

“That’s really the thing that they’re obsessed with, the terrorists: the idea of knocking down an airplane in flight, particularly if it’s a US carrier, particularly if it’s full of mostly US folks,” Kelly said on Sunday.

Applied in March, the current ban on electronics applies to US-bound flights from eight main Muslim nations.

It prohibits travelers from having any devices that are “larger than a smartphone” as carry-on items.

The ban goals

The measure has been put in place to prevent any terrorist from bringing down planes with smaller bombs. The UK has announced an alike ban applying to flights from six countries.

American officials lately had a meeting with Europe’s leaders to negotiate expanding the travel ban to flights between the US and EU.

The suggested expansion was believed to be abandoned after talks in Brussels, but officials assured that “other measures” are on the table.

Other alternatives

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has criticized the proposed expansion to Europe. Last week, the IATA said the measure would cost passengers an extra $1.1 billion per year.

IATA Director General Alexandre de Juniac recently asked officials to study “alternative measures,” such as better bomb detection devices.

In light of possible detection devices, Kelly said the US will depend on “new technologies down the road” to develop the screening of electronics.

At least four companies which produce screening machines are now developing and improving more advanced scanners to detect bombs.