UK May be Facing another Decade of EU Laws

According to reports released last night, the UK may very well be forced to abide by laws of the European Union (EU) for at least another additional ten years even after Brexit.

The reports state that Brussels is expected in demanding from the UK to abide strictly by the European Court of Justice throughout the time frame during the transitional phase and switch of the UK.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has been said to be attempting in pursuing a deal for the transitional period that can last for as much as several more years, in order to allow the city to have additional time to adapt to the UK’s final departure from the EU.

Joseph Muscat, the Maltese Prime Minister claims that during this transitional phase, the UK will not be leading anything, but instead this phase serves as a point for the European Court of Justice to still have the full authority and power in removing certain judgments and differentiating points of view.

Prolonged Phase

Mr. Muscat stated that it would be utterly impossible right now to determine just how long this transitional phase will last for, and added that it would not benefit anyone at this point if they attempted “to try to play the game.”

The Prime Minster claims that if the European Parliament had never been involved in the first place with British negotiations and deals, then any possible chance of a Brexit deal would have vanished and been tossed out in advance, even if such a deal seemed to show fairness and a positive result.

Holding On the Rope

The man leading the European Conservatives and Reformists Group within the European Parliament, Syed Kamall, declared that at this point no one should be afraid or worried about any negotiation to take place at the moment, as they will be made with full intentions on achieving success.

Mr. Kamall added however if it were to be the case where an unhappy deal were to sprout up, then no one should be afraid in completely walking out of it from the start.