UK Enjoys Warmest Thursday In 5 Years

Temperatures in the south-east of England above 20C thanks to warm air pushed from the continent, other parts of the country were not so lucky though.

Warm air from Europe:

On Thursday, temperatures approached 22C (71.6F) which made it the warmest March day in five for some parts of the UK. However, rain and thunder hit other areas of the country while others were enjoying the sunshine.

Temperatures in the south-east of England were elevated thanks to warm air coming from the European mainland. The warmest spots were around London, with Gravesend, in Kent having the highest temperature, 21.8C. This made Thursday the hottest day of 2017 so far.

Not record breaking yet:

In parts of the capital, temperatures less than a degree cooler were also recorded. However, these temperatures couldn’t beat the record for the warmest ever March day, which was set in Cambridgeshire in 1968 at 25.6C.

Other parts of the country weren’t so lucky, heavy showers fell on parts of north Wales and northern England and there was thunder in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Nicola Maxey, Met Office spokeswoman said “We’ve got some warm air coming in from the continent, which is clipping the south-east corner of the UK, so we’re seeing some temperatures certainly in the high teens away from that corner, but it’s only London and parts of East Anglia reaching these higher temperatures over 20C.”

On Friday, temperatures are expected to be cooler, as they drop to high to mid teens, which is still above average for most of the country.