Uber Driver Claims 5 Children Attacked Her In Her Vehicle

Uber driver Sabrina Palmer was thrown from her vehicle by the assailants, who turned out to be between 11 and 15 years old

Uber driver Sabrina Palmer was driving a client to 53rd Terrace and Jackson Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday night.

Palmer noticed a group of children in the middle of the street, presumed to be setting off fireworks.

The assailants surrounded her vehicle, forcibly unfastened her seatbelt and threw her from her car. They then went for her passenger, who was sitting in the back of the vehicle.

One of the assailants then got into the driver’s seat of her SUV and drove away, also making off with Palmer’s two cell-phones that were still in the car.

The stolen cell-phones led Kansas City police to four of the five suspected assailants. Police told Palmer the adolescents are part of a gang that often committed car-jackings, the last individual to be car-jacked by the gang a young mother.

A harrowing incident described by Palmer

Palmer said when she first saw the children she found it unusual that they didn’t get out of the street.

“Normally when people start shooting off fireworks they just get out of the way so they can go back and shoot fireworks later. That didn’t happen. They surrounded the car, they managed to open the door. One of them punched me in the face,” Palmer said.

After throwing her out of the car, one of the assailants revealed he was carrying a gun.

”One of them pulled up their top and showed a gun and said back up,” Palmer said.

Neither Palmer nor her passenger were seriously injured. Palmer said that she intends to continue driving for Uber, but stated that she would have to more cautious in the future.