U.S Warrant Results In Another Lead In Spain For The Russian Cyber Intrusion

The ongoing circus surrounding the alleged Russian cyber offense on the United States of America and their interference, through digital means, in the state affairs is taking wider dimensions every day.

The resulting reverberations on the American political system indicate tangible instability conjointly an absence of transparence and effectiveness. Investigations have been conducted on the intelligence and congressional level, to determine the spectrum and cause of events; urging a quick complete clarification in the name of national security.

Spanish authorities arrest “Russian Hacker”

A suspected Russian cyber-criminal, involved in the hacking network that targeted the U.S, was arrested in Spain by local authorities under a US computer crimes warrant; a spokeswoman for Spain’s National Court told the Associated Press under conditions of anonymity.

The linkage of the arrest of Mr.Pyotr Levashov with the American crisis was suggested by the Russian broadcaster “RT” which drew its information from his wife.

Dangerous activities

The suspect denied the allegations over a phone call to his spouse as he told her he was notified by the Spanish authorities that he is under suspicion of having created a computer virus that was “linked to Trump’s election win.

A more detailed account of the allegations was released on a cyber-security site “KrebsOnSecurity.com”, stating that the Russian man was “running multiple criminal operations of the Tpaid virus writers and spammers to install fake antivirus software under the alias Severa”. They further added that: “There is ample evidence that Severa is the cybercriminal behind the Waledac spam botnet, a spam engine that for several years infected between 70,000 and 90,000 computers and was capable of sending approximately 1.5 billion spam messages a day”.

The retrospective aspect of the story sees the Russian government denying its involvement in any intrusive event that could or has harmed the U.S state. The narrative of the American officials is in their eyes an irrational account based on no tangible proof or evidence.