Trump once argued about its president and revived black people with incredible stars

“As for voting, I think Oprah would be wonderful,” Trump said. “I mean, you know … Oprah, I’m very friendly with Oprah and think she is great.”

Stern replied: “Yes, but I’ve seen many white, ear races are very nervous when I am friendly with Oprah, when then they will kill you, she can be the president.”

Trump said, “Do you think the blacks will kill Donald?”

“I do not think so,” Stern said. “These are terrible racists, you know. Well, I think there is racism and sometimes you see racism,” Trump said.

The content of the conversation, part of the file that just added to its growing online databases, any statement published during its lifetime, the president, was published as a debate on the race and Police Brutality against African-American Middle Class after the NFL protests last weekend.

Trump has his feelings about players taking their knees to protest and explain on Friday at a rally in Alabama: “I would not see one of these NFL owners when someone respects our flag saying,” Take this boy in the box right now. He was fired, he fired.

White House Chief Marc Short insisted Trump did not see the problem of kneading “through racial lenses” when he defended his comments on Sunday.

“They are trying to put a political question out of it,” said Short Fox News on Sunday. “The president does not look at it through the racial lens,” he added after questioning the race issue. “And if Ivanka has a black man, will she be scared?” Stern asked Trump.

“You know, of course, I do not care, actually,” Trump, like Stern, asked him why he watched his co-host Robin shake, he said.

The triumph of racist stance has come about, he has discovered in the past few weeks in Charlottesville, Virginia, violence and more widely criticized the president’s response claims that on both sides “Rally White Supremacy” and “Not all those who participated in the demonstration were white supremacist.