Travel Hazard for UK Citizens Due to Temperature Drop

Freezing fog and harsh drops of temperature within the UK have brought along with it a hazardous disruption for travelers, and motorists have been warned from being on the roads due to hidden blocks of ice and from lack of vision due to the freezing fog.

Heathrow airport was struck with multiple delays and cancellations of flights due to the dangerous risks of the fog that had engulfed the entire city of London.

Sub-zero temperatures have approached the UK, and there have been reports of scores of citizens injured, along with a death of one woman.

Icy Risks

Reports from the Met Office have announced that the visibility levels from the oncoming fog will plummet majorly below 100 meters in several areas, and declared in what is called a ‘yellow fog’ warning to the public.

Reports about the thickness of the fog have stated that it is most recorded in some areas in which Lincolnshire is included.

Cautions have been publicly announced in which citizens were urged to recheck their tires for any potential default or for them not being fully pumped up.

At Your Own Risk

AA spokesman Ian Crowder stated that all road travelers need to recheck their windows, making sure they can see through them, not leaving any slight risk of their vision on the road not being met with high caution.

Mr. Crowder mentioned that just so much as one person who fails to check their windows on the road could very well lead to a domino effect of disaster on the roads.

Passengers expecting to board their flights at London City Airport were told that they should expect continuous delays and to continue on keeping in touch with their airlines for cancellations or further delays.

Dr. Thomas Walter, an expert regarding health and harsh climates, has stated that those specifically above 65 years of age should be indoors, have plenty of warm food and drinks, as they may be susceptible to long term illnesses from the cold.