Tinder Joins Effort To Save Northern White Rhinos By Making A Profile For The Last Male Of The Species

On Tuesday, Tinder launched a new campaign where it partnered up with the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in central Kenya to present Sudan to users, which is the last known male northern white rhino in existence. Tinder along with Ol Pejeta hope to save Sudan’s species from going extinct.

Swipe right on Sudan:

Sudan, the 42-year-old rhino is one of the most guarded animals on the planet, he is surrounded by heavily armed guard 24/7 to protect him from hunters. He lives with the two female northern white rhinos called Najin and Fatu. Sudan is all northern white rhinos’ last hope.

Due to several reasons, including old age and low sperm count, Sudan hasn’t been able to mate with Najin and Fatu

Tinder and the Ol Pejeta Conservancy hope that Sudan’s Tinder profile, which has an adorable profile photo, will help to raise the amount needed for in-vitro fertilization to save the species. The procedure costs $9 million

In an interview with Mashable, a Tinder spokesperson said: “As a platform that makes millions of meaningful connections every day, raising awareness about Sudan the Rhino and the importance of finding his match seemed like something we could support in a really impactful way. We’ve heard countless stories about Tinder babies, but this would be the first match to save a species.”

How does donating work:

All users who see ads on Tinder might see Sudan in their card stack. If the user swipes right, they will receive a message containing a link to donate, which will hopefully fund the efforts in “assisted reproductive technologies.”

In hopes of supporting white rhino’s population growth, scientists are trying to find ways to fertilize on Najin and Fatu in-vitro, as well as some female southern white rhinos, with Sudan’s sperm, to hopefully achieve pregnancies

Southern white rhinos are a different subspecies from northern white rhinos, and they aren’t endangered. If pregnancy occurs with one, the resulting specie won’t be 100% northern white rhino, but that’s better than extinction, according to scientists.

Poaching by illegal hunters is the number one threat to the white rhino population around the globe. They are mostly killed for their horns which is used in traditional Asian medicines. They are unaggressive and travel in herds, which makes them vulnerable to poaching.

If these efforts work, this will be the first time scientists have been able to achieve artificial reproduction in rhinos. They are hoping that in 5 years, they’ll be able to have a herd of 10 northern white rhinos.

CEO of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Richard Vigne, said: “Saving the northern white rhinos is critical if we are to, one day, reintroduce rhinos back into Central Africa. They contain unique genetic traits that confer upon them the ability to survive in this part of Africa. Ultimately, the aim will be to reintroduce a viable population of northern white rhino back into the wild, which is where their true value will be realized.”

This isn’t the first time Tinder supported good social causes. On International Women’s Day, the app allowed users to give $100 to a charity that’s focused on women. While in 2014, Tinder worked with Amnesty International in bringing awareness to forced and child marriage in the world by the help of ads in the app.