The Sexiest Man Alive is Not White, Dewayne Johnson

People are amazed, primarily women, because the sexiest man alive, gracing the cover is not white. He is Dewayne Johnson. In this day and age, we have to turn away from basing everything on race, sex, etc. But, this is a huge announcement; especially since it has been two decades since the last sexiest man alive was not a Caucasian. Dewayne Johnson is the Samoan and Black popular actor that was once only known as ‘The Rock’. The last non-white male to receive this title was Denzel Washington in 1996.

When we caught up with the actor, we learned that he was just as excited as one of his female fans. Johnson views it as accomplishing another goal in his career. “When I was growing up, here in Hawaii, I was like 13, 14-years old. I was doing a lot of things that I shouldn’t have. I was getting arrested multiple times, but at the same time, always very respectful to my teachers and elders. I was unsure of who I was and who I wanted to be.”

Growing up, Johnson said that his family struggled financially. This left him with a goal of playing professional football to make a better life for his family. “I played football for 10 years with one goal, which was to play in the NFL, which meant we’d never be evicted again. It meant that I could buy my parents their first home, their cars, whatever they wanted.” When Johnson realized he wouldn’t get the opportunity to become a professional football player, he said, “That failure was tough. That was a tough pill.”

With only a few dollars to his name, Johnson went back to the drawing board. “I literally looked in my wallet, and I had a five, a one, and change. So, I rounded it up to seven. It was a real rock bottom for me, and I didn’t know how defining or how meaningful seven bucks would be, only until years later in my life”, says Johnson.