The Mayor of San Juan criticizes Trump over tweets: “He’s a ‘hater-in-chief’”

The principal administrator of this town Carmen Yulín Cruz reprimanded the American leader during the week, stating “instead of acting as becoming of the president, he resembles a hater-in-boss.”

Within the progression of twitter posts during the week, the American president recommended on how the devastated island needed to bear greater obligation regarding recuperation endeavors out of the tropical storm named Maria, stating that their people on call cannot remain at the location “through eternity.” “At this point when the leader sets up the individual, the leader would at that point be truly oozing out conduct which is not fitting for the pioneer from the open nation,” the mayor had revealed to the journalist on an evening interview session on the cable news network.” “That is not close to home. That was sparing human lives. That was not on the matter as it regards the legislative issues. That was tied in with sparing the human beings there.”

Donald Trump’s stance on financing the Puerto Rican recovery program had elicited so many reactions concerning it

Someone close to the legislative chambers, whose information tips has been used by the cable news network to be their starting place comfortable in the midst of inside dialogs revealed to this media organization on how the president’s twitter posts was to be regarded as an immediate reaction to comments which the mayor had released earlier on before reprimanding Donald Trump’s reaction to the recent tropical storm devastation. In spite of Donald Trump’s current social media posts, on one of those evenings within the week, the president’s organization asked for almost five billion dollars particularly to support the credit plan which the region could utilize in addressing their fundamental capacities in the vein of foundation requirements.

The mayor had stated. “I would at the moment be able to make out this brightness. Envision this promising finish to this present course of action. I cannot make out the brightness up till now, however I be capable of envision the brilliance.”