The hassle factor of flying to the US is about to rise

Travelers may face some inconveniences while flying to the US because of new security measures which will take effect on Thursday at international airports around the globe.

According to a report by a government official, passengers will encounter detailed security inspection of gadgets and interviews by airport security personnel and employees. These screenings may not be the same among airlines; Emirates announced that its interview would be at check-in-counters for travelers leaving Dubai. Air France reported it would adopt the use of questionnaires for passengers traveling to the U.S.

Are there exemptions?

There are no exemptions. The new security steps apply to all passengers – both Americans and foreigners – and to all airlines flying to the U.S.

Does this apply to local flights?

No. But TSA made some modifications in security matters for local flights. TSA has been requesting domestic passengers to remove their electronic devices from their bags for X-ray screening.

Why the screening procedures?

The Trump administration has announced Thursday as the deadline for the implementation of the new measures for all flights to the US. The inspection replaces the prohibition of laptops in flights from 10 airports in eight countries in the Arab league: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Morocco, and Turkey. The prohibition was birthed from possibility of hiding bombs inside the laptops by terrorists. However, the ban was lifted in July.

Won’t this new setup delay flight schedules?

Airlines officials are secretly worried that this new development would delay the boarding process and flight schedules. Many airlines advised international passengers to be at the airport at least three hours before their flight schedule to give room for the security interview, screening, and early departure.

Would other services be affected?

There is flexibility in the screening requirements. Airlines could alter some of their services; Cathay Pacific Airways announced it will halt its self-drop baggage service.