Tesla Seeks to Set A Price For Those Who ‘Over Charge’

Last Friday the Tesla Company has declared a new rule to be added to their policy.

This new policy will enforce a price of forty cents per minute to drivers who keep their vehicles plugged in to the ‘Supercharger’ for a duration longer than five minutes after they had finished charging.

Superchargers are usually situated in wide spaces that also may serve to many as a simple parking space.

Due to this matter, many decide on leaving their vehicles plugged in to the Supercharger as a result.

The purpose of this new policy is simply to allow other drivers in having the chance of charging as well, but Tesla have announced that they actually would prefer not to make any profit from this matter and prefer the drivers simply give others a chance on their own.

The Supercharger

The Supercharger stations were meant to offer a free charging to all Tesla drivers, as several people who have purchased electric cars were worried about the inconvenience regarding the charging of the car.

The stations also served as the perfect locations where sales were made, and as of now Tesla has approximately 400,000 customers on demand for an electric car, and hope to manufacture about half a million cars yearly within the time frame of the next year or two.

Space Becomes the Trouble

The Superchargers served as a safe haven for all those who possess Tesla cars, but the most troubling matter at this point is simply the lack of space that is available for drivers looking for a free recharge.

The fee policy would assist the matter probably so as to pressure each driver to move on out of the station and give the next driver his right to charge without adding to the situation at hand regarding the space.