Technical writing in terms of career – Four things to consider

Writing in any language involves proper sentence structure and grammar and punctuations and others details that need to be concentrated. Before writing on any subject there are few things that need to be considered by the writer.

Technical writing is not just an article. It needs an update from time to time. Technical writer is a professional who designs, writes, creates, maintains and updates the technical document. Technical writers may have skill set in how to arrange the information in a way to suit the purpose.

Here are four things to be considered while technical writing

Target Audience

People who will read the article are considered target audience. There is no point in writing an article without an understanding of the target audience. Different people have different interest and based on their interest the writer’s job is to allure the audience with the expert information provided to them through articles.


Technical writers are termed matter experts. Online User Guide, Developers Information, API programming, Software know how are few of the examples of the subjects. Only a subject specialist can write a technical article about the matter. One should know inside-out of the subject that they are planning to write on. Else this would affect the quality of the article by giving the target audience wrong information about the subject.


Good English is very much needed in writing technical articles. Depending on the mode of how the target audience would read the article, the document is styled. At first the writer should make sure whether he is going to use paper or web pages or any kind of software to pass on the information to the target audience. Then comes the mode of deliver-ability in terms of user interface and design. The writing should be designed in such a way that there should be minimum of technical jargons and if found any, they should be given explanation.


The basic idea of technical writing is to make the public understand the technical jargons and make it easy for even a layman to go through the article. Documentation plays a major role in technical writing. Whether it is on a paper or on a webpage or on any software, without documentation, it becomes difficult to search for information in the article. Documentation helps in indexing the information accordingly for the user to easily search for what they desire. Technical writing can have several pages of information or just few pages. Appropriate documentation results in better quality and orientation of information in the document.