Suspect In Alabama Triple Murder Commits Suicide

Kenneth Dion was suspected of murdering three family members near Birmingham, Alabama

Florida native Kenneth Dion Lever, 52, was being sought after by Alabama authorities following the discovery of three of Dion’s family members dead, having been shot.

Spokeswoman Deb Henley in Escambia County, Florida, stated that deputies spotted Lever in a parking lot. He emerged from his vehicle and took his own life, although the method of his suicide wasn’t clear.

Lever, among other crimes, was suspected in the deaths of his ex-wife, her sister, and the sister’s husband.

Gardendale Police Department discovered the bodies of Dana Reeves Lever (50), ex-wife of Dion, Bonnie Reeches Foshee (65), the sister of Dana, and Don Austin Foshee (69), Bonnie’s husband.

The bodies were discovered at a mobile home park near Birmingham, and Lever was an immediate suspect.

Police Chief Mike Walker stated that other related to Lever aren’t believed to be in danger, and said that he believed Lever could be heading back to his home in Florida.

A lengthy criminal history

Lever was also weeks away from going to trial in Pennsylvania on child sex charges, although he remained free on bond awaiting a trial date.

He had been arrested in 2015 after having been revealed of sexually molesting a young girl for five years, and occasionally forcing a young boy to participate.

Court records from York County, Pennsylvania, reveal Level – originally of Santa Rosa County, Florida, was scheduled for trial on September 11th.

A court order issued by an Alabama judge in December 2016 revealed Lever was not permitted to be around his wife, Dana Lever, or their juvenile daughter.

Dana sought the restraining and protector order against her ex husband after claiming he had been stalking her and her daughter, and harassing them.