Summary of Facts: Trump’s List of Service Sarah Sanders

Speaker spokeswoman Sarah Sanders Washington (CNN),  Minister Donald Trump defended sharp criticism from members of his party, he hit off the list of achievements, which she believes the president succeeded in the first 10 months at the office.

“I think history will see the president as someone who has helped ISIS. He has built an economy that has been stronger than in the past few decades, unemployment is at least 16 years, more than 1.7 million jobs, “she said.” I think that’s what people really care about, not a few insignificant comments by Senator (Cork) and Senator (Jeff) Flake. ”

ISIS was withdrawing when President Barrack Obama has departed, but Trump is the one who has “helped” the terrorist group.

The most obvious example: US-backed US combat forces in Syria, said this month that the “main military operation” in Raqqa came to an end, and the terrorist group lost control of the city once called the capital of its caliphate.

The Defense Commission James Mattis says Trump’s decision to give the commander more flexibility in doing business with his own accounts as a key breakthrough for the ISIS triumph.

The triumphal administration was happy to celebrate victory

“Today, those black flags are no longer flying to Raqqi,” said vice president Mike Pence on Tuesday.

But the idea that ISIS is defeated is not correct, as ISIS inspired groups found high castles around the world.

They have recently killed 50 fighters who were linked to the ISIS ambush of four US troops in Niger, which caused questions in Congress and the nation about the magnitude and scope of the mission against the ISIS of terrorists in Africa.

Elections have accelerated the creation of new jobs among employers, although Obama was still in office.

The more traditional measure, the number of jobs created during the Trump office, is 1.1 million. But the use of comparable data, led by Sanders, Trump allowed creating 1.65 million jobs, compared to 2.09 million jobs with Obama in the last 11 monthly reports of the Centre during the supervised exercise.