Spotted: Kim Kardashian goes for buggy ride in Dubai

Reality star Kim Kardashian has been spotted trying to put the trauma of the last few months behind her with an action packed trip to Dubai. The celebrity was spotted making at new friend when she held a falcon on her arm, before going for a dune buggy ride in the desert.

Dressed in maroon trousers and a long black fur coat, she looked totally fearless as she held the large bird of prey, before she posted a snap of herself sitting on top of a dune buggy, surrounded by friends.

It’s been a tough few months for Kim after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in October. Rumours have then been rife about the state of her marriage to rapper Kanye West, who had a breakdown. However, the two are understood to be working things out and have recently been seen out and about on a number of dates together.

Make up

The star is believed to have been filmed scenes for Keeping Up With The Kardashians while in Dubai. The beauty has also been holding a make up masterclass in Dubai, which cost $1,600 per head. The masterclass was due to take place last year, but was postponed in the wake of the robbery in Paris, in which $10m worth of her jewels were stolen, including her engagement ring.

Her trip comes as the police transcript of an interview she gave a couple of hours after the robbery has been leaked. In it, she talks about how she was wearing just a bathrobe when robbers forced their way into her luxury apartment, forcing her onto the bed before tying her up with cable ties and duct tape and placing her in the bath tub. She said she told two robbers she did not know where her engagement ring was when they told her to hand it over. At this point, they pulled out a gun, eventually making off with a huge haul of jewels.