Spice Girl Emma Bunton Just Hinted At Possible Reunion

The popular five UK girls had been possibly the biggest group in the 1990s. they sold 85 million albums in addition to obtaining a whopping nine number one singles in the United Kingdom.

Emma Bunton recently hinted that the Spice Girls may have a potential reunion in the near future, saying that it will be “a shame” if her previous girl-group didn’t get together.


The singer, known to her fans as Baby Spice during the girl pop band’s prime, stated that the reunion would need to happen sometime soon as the women of the group have been “getting on a bit”.

The signer, 41, said to Fabulous magazine: “It’s about finding the perfect time. We want to make it right for our fans.

“But it would be a shame not to do something.”

“We’re always talking about it.”

“I think it would be amazing, so I’m on the case and Geri’s the same.”


The group had sold over 85 million worldwide albums and got nine singles to reach number one status in the UK, including top hits Spice Up Your Life, Wannabe, as well as Goodbye.

The group last appeared all together during the London Olympics closing ceremony back in 2012.

Bunton stated: “It would be lovely to show us performing to a whole new generation.

She mentioned. “But we can’t wait too much longer, as we’re all getting on a bit!”

Around one year ago, Bunton had teamed up along with former bandmates Geri Horner and Melanie Brown to record various new songs released under the alias GEM.

Victoria Beckham Melanie Chisolm hadn’t been involved in this particular project.

Back in 2012, a musical premiered in the West End based on the songs from the Spice Girls albums. However Viva Forever had to close following only seven months due to receiving poor ratings and reviews.