Smart tattoos: Health tracking by the skin

There’s a shared challenge with devices that help track health conditions like smartwatches: they don’t get stuck with you, making you depend on a battery that is short-lived and some wireless connections. Likewise, a self-powered patch has its sure limitations. MIT and Harvard believe they come in handy here; they’ve come up with smart tattoos that efficiently implant health detectors in your skin; this technology requires no wireless link or power. The tattoo ink reacts with the chemical makeup of the interstitial fluid of your body, which in turn shows the condition of your blood. The more intense a green ink grows, the more dehydrated an athlete is, while when another green ink changes to brown, it warns diabetics about their high glucose levels.

The tattoos, with enough refinement, are expected to be present on your skin for the period you want them which is a good contrast to the tattoos gotten from those wild college parties some of us had. They can be invisible unless exposed to certain kinds of light, too, so you may not have to discuss your ink with your friends or to observers. In a case where you weren’t certain about the meaning of the symbols in your arm, there is an app, a smartphone app that can analyze them and tell you how well you’re doing.

Bearing it all

It could take some time before you’re donning tattoos that are as informative the way they are pleasing to the eye. The movement is about stirring “capacity” among scientists and artists, also to clear ethical questions. If you get visible tattoos, are you okay with everybody seeing your glucose level as wear a shirt that is short sleeved? Here’s it; after fastening devices to your wrists or arms to ascertain your health condition, this could be more convenient.