Schools in Delhi close for a week due to smog conditions

Schools in Indian’s Delhi shut till Sunday as air pollution in cities worsened, and complaints increased over the disappointment of the Indian government to manage the general health crises being faced by her citizens.

Thick smog covered Delhi, with pollination readings in some areas hitting 500, the most extreme level on the administration’s air quality index measuring some harmful particles.

“The air pollution in Delhi is worsening. We cannot endanger the health of kids at this stage,” said Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, ordering the immediate closure for the rest of the week.

Delhi’s government had beforehand ordered schools for infants to shut just for Wednesday, after describing the city as a “gas chamber.”

In recent years, Delhi state government has adopted several anti-pollination measures which include limitation of car use and trucks that commute the city, but only a few succeeded.

PM Narendra Modi’s also encouraged Delhi and its neighbor states to quickly tackle the severe level of air pollination in the capital regardless of what it might cost.

Delhi administration ready to take action

Federal environment minister Harsh Vardhan wrote on Twitter that they had identified every possible step required to manage the crisis and the next step is to take actions.

Mr. Vardhan additionally asked the neighboring states of Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh to prohibit the burning of ranches, which is undoubtedly a major air pollutant, alongside the high level of vehicle exhaust emissions and dust from sites.

The Delhi government announced that it had scheduled meetings with its ministers to deliberate on the ongoing protest from residents who thought the measures were not enough and too late.

Nobody seems to get the gravity of the crisis,” said Dr. Naresh Trehan, executive and managing Chief of the Medanta Heart Institute.

Delhi experienced its worst pollution last November in almost 20 years, which forced around one million kids to miss school, and a large number of workers hospitalized. Residents have become deeply worried about the issue this year.