School Puts Boy In Isolation For Donating His Hair To Charity

A pupil’s short hair, which he had shaved off for charity, was the reason his school put him into isolation.

Unexpected charity backlash:

15-year-old Taylor Jones helped raise £850 for Cancer Research by completely sheering his golden locks. He is now proud to rock his number one cut.

However, after Jones returned to school following Bank Holiday, he was put in isolation by the Launceston College in Cornwall for his “extreme haircut”.

Taylor’s GCSEs are in less than a month but his school told him he cannot return to lessons until his hair grows back to a more suitable length.

Taylor’s parents are very angry about the decision. Nick Jones, Taylor’s dad, stated that the school is acting like a “dictatorship”. He said that Taylor was so upset after his first day in isolation that he had to be persuaded to go into school the next day.

“He has been growing it for a while and it had got very unruly, and most people said his previous hairstyle was more of an extreme haircut than this is,” Mr. Jones said. “We did try to get him to do it in the first week of the holidays, but unfortunately the people who were going to cut his hair weren’t available, so he decided he would take the consequences and do it on Saturday.”

Break times, lunchtimes and lessons will be spent in isolation, Taylor has been, until his hair grows back.

However, his parents have donated even more money to the fundraising cause after the school’s decision

“I’m very angry about it. Taylor has been made very upset, I’ve persuaded him to go back in tomorrow,” Mr. Jones continued. “He’s nearly 16 so trying to dictate what length his hair should be is a bit ridiculous. They’re basically saying if you’re bald that’s not an acceptable look.”

“It sounds like a dictatorship to me,” he added. “It is petty red tape and it’s not helping anybody.”

Social media outrage:

On Facebook, one parent posted saying: “We thought our school wouldn’t mind what he had done as it was for a good cause, apparently the fact that he’d raised over £850 pounds wasn’t good enough and before he had even gotten to his first lesson they put him in isolation labeling it an ‘extreme haircut’, telling him that he’s not able to return to normal lessons until his hair grows back to a more a more suitable length.”

Angry reactions and people questioning the college were prompted following a Facebook post on Launceston Notice Board.

Also, dozens of offers poured in to support Taylor’s charity fundraising.

However, Launceston College upholds their decision in order to maintain discipline for all students.

The school issued a statement saying: “Launceston College has the highest expectations possible for our students. We will not lower those expectations but will increase the level of support available to help meet them.”

The school added that Taylor would be kept isolation for four days, during those days he will be given one-to-one tuition. The school added: “After this period his hair will no longer be considered an extreme hairstyle; he will return to normal lessons.”