Ring of Steel to Aid London from External Terror Attacks

A large £5 million ‘Ring of Steel’ will be constructed and set in place in an attempt to shield several skyscraper buildings in the city of London from any possible terrorist attacks.

Among other precautionary measures that will be taken include checkpoints, specific roads that will be closed to prevent transportation through it, and barricades designed specifically to withstand any type of powerful thrust from crashes.

The goal for all these measures is to be able to manage a certain way of permitting rather controllable traffic, as the fortified region is to assist the financial district.

Measures were taken upon hearing a statement from MI5 in which they said that specific buildings within that region are very susceptible for a terrorist attack through vehicular assaults and the security needs to be upgraded several notches.

Threats from the Past

A ring of steel had previously been structured around the perimeter of the city as well more at least 25 years ago after an attack perpetrated by the IRA had occurred against the Baltic Exchange in 1992.

However, after the IRA had agreed to a ceasefire two years later, all police personnel who had manned the checkpoints within the city had left their posts.

New Threats on the Block

Following the Christmas market lorry attack that occurred in Berlin recently, killing and injuring dozens of people, the UK authorities have since been seeking to advance their security measures as quickly as the can before Christmas day arrives.

The skyscrapers have been considered highly vulnerable for a similar lorry attack as seen in Berlin, and inspections and a thorough review for the current security measures are currently being reviewed for all the public events that are set to take place for Christmas and Boxing Day, including the current measures landmark buildings are using.