Relationship between Sugar and Cancer made by Scientist from Belgium

It was discovered that yeast which possessed elevated levels of sugar stimulated beyond the standard rate, proteins in the mutated tumors of humans, thus causing them to grow faster. This discovery was published on Friday in Nature Communications.

The research on sugars connection with cancer was initiated in 2008 by researchers Johan Thevellin, Veerle Janssens and Wim Versées. This task was taken on so as to facilitate a better comprehension of what was termed as the “The Warburg Effect” which took place each time energy is made by cells through a quick breakdown of glucose unobserved in normal cells. That energy gotten encourages the formation tumors.

The correlation between the Warburg effect and the aggressiveness of the Tumors is explained via the research. Thevelein shared in a release that the link that cancer and sugar have has massive consequences and that their results provide a valuable foundation for future research to be conducted which may now be undertaken with a clearer and acuter focus.

Great Results but More Study to Be Done

Despite the breakthrough, Thevelein from Belgium revealed that the results are at the moment not enough to identify the sole cause and initiator of the Warburg effect.

Victoria Stevens opined that the research and its results are amazing. However, it only comments on a single product in the production of energy from the breakdown of glucose. Steven is a cancer researcher in the American Society, who was not involved with the other scientists in the research.

The study was jointly undertaken by IB, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and KU Leuven. VIB is a research institute for Life sciences that is affiliated with five universities of which includes KU Leuven, and the Flemish government established it.