Record-Breaking Early Heat Wave Hits Northeast US Cities

Early heat waves in Northeastern US cities have broken records on Thursday- Boston reached a record of 92 degrees Fahrenheit, New York City a record of 91 degrees, Hartford, Connecticut, 94 and Providence, Rhode Island, 93. Other affected areas include Maine and Concord New Hampshire.

The Weather

Boston had a previous heat record of 91 degrees, which was set on May 18th in 1936. This was broken on Thursday with a new record of 92 degrees on Thursday afternoon.

Similarly, New York City also broke its 81-year-old heat record of 90 degrees as it passed 91 degrees in Central park at around 4pm.

This heat wave was preceded by a cold and rainy Mother’s day weekend. Forecasters say that a “cooling trend” and a return to more “seasonable conditions” are expected on Friday.

Hartford, Connecticut also broke its record at 94 degrees, as well as Rhode Island at 93 degrees. Many records also fell in the state of Maine.

Responses To The Weather

The heatwave in Maine prompted the Department of Environmental Protection to issue an air-quality alert at around 11pm on Thursday.

In Boston, the National Park Service tweeted that the major tourist attraction, the Bunker Hill Monument, was closed due to the heat wave.

Meteorologist Alan Dunham from the Massachusetts office of the weather service commented on the heat wave saying that the heat did not feel so terrible given that humidity levels were not that high.

Heat waves with such high temperatures usually feel much more oppressive when humidity is quite high, such as in July and August. “As they say out west, it’s a dry heat.”

He also mentioned that 90-plus degree heat in Mid-may is unusual in the Northeast, but not unheard of.

Many in the region enjoyed the weather. Many have taken to social media, posting pictures of people enjoying the record-breaking heat.