Poll Reveals That Majority of Americans Prefer Obama Again

A poll that was conducted has revealed that the majority of citizens within the United States, reaching up to 52 percent, far more prefer former President Barack Obama.

The percentage that favored President Trump reached to 43 percent, who has just served 13 days of his presidential term at the moment.

In addition as well to the matter, the poll also revealed that about 40 percent wish to have President Trump impeached, which is a five percent increase from just last week.

Meanwhile a campaign called Impeach Trump Now was launched in which around 500,000 signatures had went into the cause due to the matter of President Trump not separating his role as commander in chief with his real estate business.

Lowest Ratings

Although Donald Trump had won the votes of the Electoral College, he had lost by three million when it came to the popular vote.

As of now figures have shown that throughout American history, President Trump’s rating among the populace have been the lowest ever.

The lower ratings have been directly proportional to the recent policies he has been implementing which have sparked several outcries and controversies.

Not All Aboard

According to the poll, around 25 percent of U.S. citizens agreed with the Muslim travel ban President Trump had enforced on seven specific countries that does not permit all residents from them from entering for 90 days minimum.

Meanwhile around 50 percent of those who endorse President Trump agree for the travel ban to go into effect.

Around 48 percent of those who support Trump also claim that the women’s march along with the protests that had resulted in airports all around the U.S. had been paid for by George Soros, a billionaire who supported Hillary Clinton.

To add to further disappointment by the people, more than half of the population are not in favor of Trump’s repeal towards the Affordable Care Act.