Pipeline belonging to Keystone in South Dakota leaks just as Nebraska reviews XL

Part of the pipeline belonging to TransCanada Corp was shut after the company experienced a leak of over 5000 barrels worth of oil on Thursday the company reported, this happened just about four days before Nebraska which neighbors the company was on the verge to decide on the Keystone XL pipeline that was long delayed.

The opponents of the proposed pipeline belonging to Keystone XL pipeline took advantage of the spill, declaring that the event exposed the risks that were inherent in the company’s XL project, which has become a major indicator for all environmentalists of global warming and of fossil-fuel pollution.

In a statement by TransCanada, the company said that the leak was discovered by their staff at about 6 a.m. in the town of Amherst on Thursday after a massive pressure drop was detected by their systems and that authorities were worked with to look into the cause of the events.

The spokesman for the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources of South Dakota Brian Walsh revealed that the leak emerged from a pipeline underground and that it had since been contained at the site of occurrence.

Trump had reversed Obamas decision on the approval of the firm

The president of the United States, Donald Trump had made Keystone XL a pivotal plank in his policy energy and given the company, TransCanada in March a federal permit, revising the decision made by the former president Barack Obama to reject the line on the grounds of environmental consideration after years of study had been carried out.

Trump had debated its utility, arguing that the pipeline of 830,000-barrel would be useful as an extension of the linking system of Keystone to Alberta oil to the refineries of the United States, which in turn will bring down the price of fuel and shore up the security of the country nationally all the while making more jobs available.