Photos of Pets can now be identified by Google Photos

Photos of cats and dogs may now be identifiable by Google Photos, putting them into groups the same way human images are done.

Google Photos can actually detect photos of dogs and cats, undoubtedly grouping them like those of the humans, the tech giant published in a pun-ridden blog post on Monday.

Users may search for their pests by name or by their breed or even the corresponding animal emoji and be sure to find them quickly. This would be especially beneficial to persons with lots of pictures as they will not need to rummage through the whole mass before locating their desired photo.

Google has started in May to create videos of dogs and cats, using photos and videos in the Google Photos Library and this feature will facilitate the users to do same if they so choose.

By a simple tap on the new group of their loved one or pet, a photo book may be created by Users. The movie editor has six songs about pets to choose from.

Google Photos was launched in 2015 and has over 500 million users as of May. It is revered for it being able to search for the photos of a particular individual.

Despite the accolades the app has gathered, a controversy was brewed after a photo of a web developer that works freelance and his friend were tagged as gorillas.

The issue was settled in less than a day

Flickr in the same vein was accused of making people seem less human, highlighting the problem of bias of machines.

Google Features allows photo sharing

Google’s photo app was upgraded earlier this year making it able to send and share photos with the Users’ friends. The sharing addon brought to the remembrance of users to share their precious memories with family and friends, while photos thought to be worth sharing were set by the computer-vision algorithm of Google.

Whom to send the photo to, and the possible identity of the persons in the picture are abilities inputted into the google feature. When the send has been pressed, all the photos are then saved in a shared folder, and each contact is notified to contribute their own pictures that are in tune with the folder purpose to the folder.

Shared libraries are another feature by the Google Photos app that permits the linking of photo and video libraries with one other person. There is the added option to make available the complete access to the full library of only chosen individuals from a specific date and onwards.