People Are Receiving Prank Calls Acting As Major Companies

Three victims complained on social media that they received calls from the United Airlines customer service official number (1-800-864-8331) and talked with a man who alleged to work with the airline.

However, the calls were just a prank with the help of a software to disguise their caller ID as the United Airlines number.

The First Victim

“I think it was around the time that he called me a cunt that I hung up,” 28-year-old Molly Wilkof said. Wilkof received the call at 12 a.m. on Saturday from a man who acted as an employee who works in United Airlines in Oregon.

“I called back and it was their official customer service number but I couldn’t get a hold of a human being,” she said.

The Second Victim

Another victim was Joey Creel, 31, who called to ask how to go home from California to Washington, D.C., following his United flight’s cancellation.

“The guy told me to go fuck myself,” Creel said. “I rebutted saying that’s not how customer service representatives should talk and said I wanted to speak with his manager, and he said, ‘You can speak to his dick, and I have one for your mom to ride.'”

Creel then asked for the alleged employee’s identification number, the code “S-P-3-R-M,” was given to Creel.

“I was just trying to figure out how to get home,” Creel explained. “So when this guy started cussing at me, I was like, ‘Is this Ashton Kutcher? Am I being punked?'”

The Third Victim

The third victim is 30-year-old Yael Even Or who also received the code “S-P-3-R-M” after someone called from the United number on Saturday night.

“I’d been waiting to talk to United all weekend so when someone called me back finally I was being patient with him,” she said. “But he said this thing was called ‘sperm’ and that’s when I hung up.”