Parliament Approval Not a Factor in Leaving the EU

Sources close to the Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed that Britain would leave the EU regardless of whether Brexit plans were approved by Parliament or not.

In Tuesday’s speech, Theresa May stated that Britain would leave the single market.  If the country cannot negotiate an agreement with the EU, it would revert to World Trade Organisation rules.

Hard Brexit

Speaking to diplomats at Lancaster House she said, “When it comes to Parliament, there is one other way in which I would like to provide certainty.

“I can confirm today that the Government will put the final deal that is agreed between the UK and the EU to a vote in both Houses of Parliament before it comes into force.”

Last year leaked documents revealed that should Britain leave the single market and customs union the country could lose £66bn a year.  It also stated that GDP could fall as much as 9.5% if the country reverted to World Trade Organisation rules.

One Tory commented, “At the moment most people are pleased that the Commons has been given a vote on the deal.

“But what Theresa May has offered is a choice between on one hand, whatever she puts forward, or on the other most costly, unattractive type of Brexit. It might not be much of a choice.”

Theresa May also set out that Britain did not want to destroy Europe, but wanted to be a trading partner.  She warned against punitive measures as this would damage nation states in the EU.

She outlined twelve key points in her speech which focused on border control and trade.

Angela Merkel Called for Business Unity

Before her speech, Angela Merkel gave a speech asking German business to unify behind the EU’s Brexit stance.  “I’m asking you as representatives of the business world to act together with us, because should it become apparent that you can get full access to the single market even if you can choose certain things then we risk that every country cherry picks. That’s why politics and business need to act together.”

All eyes will focus on negotiations when Article 50 is triggered.