Pairing high protein diets with sugar-sweetened drinks could increase the body’s fat storage

A recent report shows that pairing sugary drinks intake with protein could cause more harm to your health and make your body store more fat.

The research

The researchers the Agricultural Research Service Grand Forks Human Nutrition Centre of USDA studied to ascertain the effects of particular food on the energy balance and fat storage in the human body. In the research, they fed 27 individuals who have healthy weight with sugary drinks and protein-based meals in one experiment. In the other experiment, they supplied them with non-sugary drinks and protein-based meals.

After several data analysis, the researchers discovered that intake of sugary drinks and foods high in protein increase the fat storage in the body. The result of the study showed that the addition of sugar-sweetened drink to the experiment lowered fat oxidation which helps the breakdown of fat molecules by 8 percent. Also, it altered the individuals’ cravings because it raised the participants’ urge to eat salty and savory foods for four hours after eating.

The research examined only people with healthy weight over a short time, so scientist pointed out that the results might differ with overweight individuals.

Casperson said the results give a deeper insight into the possible role of sugary drinks -the biggest single source of sugar in the diets of Americans – in obesity and weight gain.