Oregon Couple Found Dead After Apparent Murder-Suicide

A couple from Washington County near Portland, Oregon were discovered dead in their home Thursday morning, according to the local Sheriff’s Office.

Family members say they did not hear from Leonard J. Foster and Lisa R. Malone, both 48, since the holidays, and decided to check in on them last Wednesday. Detective Robert Rookhuyzen, Sheriff Spokesman said the couple’s bodies were discovered later after the family called for help.


At about 10:40 p.m., members of the couple’s family arrived at their home on 13600 block, Southwest Willow Top Lane, and stepped into the three-level home. As they stood on the house’s first floor, they spoke out to Leonard and Lisa, who had been upstairs at the time. Suddenly, they heard a single gunshot, but the two told the family downstairs that they were alright, spokesman Rookhuyzen said.

Family members then called 911, and as they were on the line with dispatchers, they stated they heard more gunshots, but quieter or muffled this time.

Deputies then arrived and spoke to family members standing outside the house, as well as neighbors who, like the dispatchers, also did not hear gunshots.

Neighbors did notice lights on the house’s porch turn off after the family said they heard the gunshots. Deputies also confirmed that they saw lights inside turned off, and the couple would not answer any phone calls. Rookhuyzen stated that the deputies determined that they were legally unable to enter the house, and had to leave the scene after spending around 90 minutes there.


After around 1 a.m., family members went into the home and discovered the couple dead from gunshot wounds. Rookhuyzen the shooting occurred after the deputies left, and that the male shot the gun.

“Ms. Malone and Mr. Foster were a couple and lived at the home together for over a year,” the spokesman said. “There is no documented history of domestic violence for the couple at this address.”

He also said that family members were concerned about the couple’s finances and history drug abuse.