One Plus behind test app on your devices with backdoor access to root: report

OnePlus returned to work just days before the much anticipated launch of the long-awaited OnePlus 5T smartphone device. It was discovered that the Chinese company left the application in the latest devices that could act as backs, providing root access without unlocking. For the end user, that basically means that some OnePlus smart phones can be easily redirected without unlocking the boot loader. The Chinese company was fast enough to recognize the problem and confirmed it was being investigated.

Twitter user using the name of the inspired robot, Elliot Alderson, discovered he accidentally left the Engineer Mode OnePlus APK, a program developed by Qualcomm for hardware device testing devices manufacturers. He said the program was installed on some OnePlus tools, though XDA developers said it was pre-installed on OnePlus 3 OnePlus 5T3 smart phones and can confirm their presence in OnePlus 3T and 5.

The application allows OEMs to perform diagnostic tests on the device, but can also be used to access the root, meaning the back door

Twitter users in a series of tweets explained how you can use exploit to gain root access to OnePlus 3 3T and OnePlus 5. For users of OnePlus 3 3T and 5, Alderson suggested consulting application list to find Engineer Mode.

Application “If you have a OnePlus device, I’m pretty sure this preinstalled program is open, go to Settings -> Applications -> Menu -> Show System Application and how the search engines in the application list on Another Tweets user said that OnePlus one with CyanogenMod compilation Includes such a requirement, although OxygenOS compilation is a smartphone.

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus on Twitter, approved that the company was investigating the problem and wrote in the tweet: “Thanks for the announcement, we’ll see.”