Officials Report Two Las Vegas Resort Guests Contracting Legionnaires Disease

Officials say that two of a Las Vegas Resort’s recent guests have contracted a lung infection- Legionnaires’ disease. The hotel has since taken steps to eradicate the bacteria from its water system.

The Guests

According to the South Nevada Health District, two guests who stayed at the Las Vegas Resort, “Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.” on separate occasions have contracted Legionnaires disease. One guest stayed in March and the other stayed in April.

The bacteria which causes the disease, Legionella, was reportedly found in the water system of the hotel, according to the Health District’s tests.

The hotel has since taken steps to take care of this issue, such as using chlorine to disinfect the system. According to Caesars Entertainment, they are currently relocating guests from the areas where contaminations were found.

Legionnaires Disease

Legionnaires disease is a serious lung infection, which causes a “severe form of pneumonia.” It’s contracted when people breathe in small water droplets containing the legionella bacteria. CDC says that it is usually found in “freshwater environments and streams.” and can even grow in “human-made” water systems, including hot tubs, plumbing systems, water tanks and decorative fountains.

According to CDC, most people who breathe in legionella do not show any symptoms. However, the people who do show symptoms develop cough, chills, muscle aches and a fever. Those symptoms emerge just days after the bacteria get into their system.

The disease is very treatable with antibiotics. There is about a 10 percent mortality rate for those who experience complications from the disease.

“Guests who stayed at the Rio more than two weeks ago and have not developed symptoms are not at risk for disease.” the health district told the public. However, it is important to remain cautious, since one person who stayed at the Las Vegas resort, Luxor hotel, reportedly died after contracting the illness back in 2011.