Northeastern Region of the U.S. Set to Warm Up Faster Than Other Areas Globally

Recent studies that were conducted by researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst have revealed that the northeastern region of the United States well most likely experience a far more rapid rate of the warming of temperature.

The study has stated that the rate of the temperature warming will exceed that of any other region globally.

Director of the Climate System Research Center from the University, Raymond Bradley remarked about these recent findings by saying that sometime in the future he’ll be able to tell his children, “I remember when it used to snow in Boston.”

Faster Than Anticipated

The research study that was finally published on January 11th claims that the northeastern regions of the United States are set to reach the Paris agreement regarding the onset of global warming perhaps two decades in advance.

The Paris agreement had stated that that the climate of the planet will not artificially exceed by two degrees, as just one degree has already seen huge repercussions for the disappearance of some wild life. Since 1880, the planet has seen a rise in the temperature by one degree Celsius.

Can’t Handle More

The Paris pact states that a rise of two degrees Celsius is the maximum the planet can withstand, as it will inevitably result in calamitous and irreversible damage to the planet and everything that exists within it.

According to more troubling claims and predictions by Bradley, he states that by the temperature exceeds the 2 degree mark, the northeastern regions of the United States will have already reached the 3 degree mark.

Within the report it was mentioned as well that by the end of this century, an estimate of 30 percent of Boston may very well be submerged beneath water due to the drastic increase of the sea levels.

To add to the worrisome matter, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have already declared that the year of 2016 has served as the second warmest year ever on record for the United States.