New York City Spared But Storm Continues To Blow Towards The North

The recent nor’easter storm spared the majority of New York City as well as Philadelphia, but strongly hit other areas in the region on Tuesday with severe snow and extreme winds.

The storm has begun moving from northern areas in New England and New York and into Canada.

The very late-season storm brought about chaos in daily life and travel, forcing over 8,000 flight cancellations in the US between early Monday through to Wednesday.

Many thousands of public schools were forced to close. Connecticut also banned travel on highways for a few hours, and much of rail travel was also suspended.

Five deaths related to the weather were also reported within three states as well as Canada.

Return to Normal

Some regions began to trickle back to normal as flights and train services resumed late Tuesday. Schools within the states of New Jersey and New York were expected to open back up on Wednesday, however blizzard warnings will continue to be in effect in New England until Wednesday morning.

Freeze warnings and watches throughout Missouri all the way to Florida began to go in effect early on Wednesday too. Temperatures are expected to hit below freezing throughout some regions, while others can expect wind chill to feel like single digit temperatures.


The biggest warnings come from icy conditions’ potential to freeze roads and create dangers in slippery commutes, leaving after-storm clean-ups much more challenging.

Over 30 inches of fresh snow have been recorded in areas of upstate NY, say the National Weather Service. Certain areas of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire saw about 20 inches of snow or more, said the service.

“Areas along the coast from New York to Boston, didn’t see as much as expected,” Taylor Ward, CNN meteorologist, said. “But some portions of the Northeast have seen more than 30 inches of snow.”