More than $800,000 Donated for the Reconstruction of Burnt Mosque in Texas

Last Saturday the mosque known as the Islamic Centre of Victoria in Texas was set ablaze and destroyed due to the intense fires.

As a result, over $800,000 have now been raised in just one day by people for the reconstruction of the burnt mosque to take place.

A clerk from a convenience store nearby the mosque first sighted large amounts of smoke billowing from the mosque around 2 am last Saturday and then contacted the fire department immediately.

No deaths or injuries were reported to have occurred from the incident, and firefighters tackled the large blaze for about four hours.

Just a Coincidence?

Just moments after U.S. President Trump had signed the executive order that banned Muslims from travelling to the U.S. from seven countries, the mosque was reported to be on fire.

The order signed included refugees not being permitted to enter the U.S. for a span of 120 days. Last Sunday a campaign was launched for the reconstruction of the torched mosque that held fundraises for the reconstruction of the Islamic worship center.

The planned objective aims at fundraising $850,000 and as of now the contributions are nearly there.

An Apparent Unity

Around $826,000 at the moment have been raised for the mosque’s reconstruction for the Muslim community presiding within the region.

The man who launched the GoFundMe campaign, Omar Rachid, expressed his utmost appreciation and gratitude for the funds that have been raised for the matter.

“The outpouring of love, kind words, hugs, helping hands and the financial contributions are examples of the true American spirit,” Rachid stated.

At the moment the authorities have not concluded the primary causes for the fire, and an investigation is currently underway into the matter by the marshal’s office of the Victoria fire services.

There had been a reported burglary that took place in the mosque before the fire, as reported by the imam of the mosque.