More Chaos for London Transportation

According to recent reports, the Tube staff in London have announced that they will conduct a 24 hour walkout starting from 6 pm next Sunday and will last for all of Monday as well.

This walkout will undoubtedly cause additional distress for the majority of the lines in London, as hundreds of thousands of passengers from Southern London for several months now have also been enduring a tough dilemma regarding the Union’s walkouts.

There have been attempts to quickly salvage this situation and prevent the London Underground members from conducting their strikes, but as of now no positive results came about such attempts, and the walkout is said to proceed as planned.

Where to Go?

Passengers for the all lines have been warned that upon this walkout next week they will most likely be interrupted in their transportation services for the duration of the strike as focal and large stations such as Waterloo, Paddington, and the King’s Cross to name a few will either have no tubes operating during the time or just a small set of tubes will be running at most.

Meanwhile members from the Rail, Maritime and Transport union are currently seeking solutions to dissolve the prolonged situation regarding the job losses and shutting down of several ticket offices.

No Middle Ground

The General secretary for the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) Manuel Cortes stated that talks that have been taken place with the union have proved to no avail till now, and then said that they require hundreds of more staff members to be able to perform their duties so as to assure the operations of the Tube are carried out safely and to assure that the cessation of stations no longer continue to be a regular matter anymore. More discussions between the TSSA and the union will be held later on today.