Macron and Trump extol similarities during Trump’s visit to Paris

Since the election of Donald Trump as the American president last year, he has made several friends in Europe and beyond. Of all these friends, the French leader, Emmanuel Macron has been a very dear friend – this was displayed during a dining with their wives at the Eiffel tower, Paris.

During the centurial anniversary of the US’ movement into First World War, President Trump and Macron celebrated their relationship and never differences.

Trump voices the relationship between his nation and Macron’s

President Trump made this clear in a press conference, stressing that the relationship between the two countries cannot be broken. The unseen culture bonds, liberty, and destiny that bind the two nations can never be altered by disagreements that occur not so often.

Macron didn’t sit well with Trump’s view about the Paris climate agreement. He stated his refusal with the way the US interprets and sees the deal. Macron added that the disagreement should affect their deliberations on other subjects. As such, they both share common views on several other subjects.

In line with the controversy that appears to follow Trump to different places, his visit to the French leader was troubled somewhat. Demonstrators rallied to preach against Trump’s visit, but he wouldn’t care, as he looks forward to the upcoming celebration – Friday’s Bastille.