Lewandowski: Manafort must remain in jail throughout his life if he is disturbed

Former Trump leader Corey Lewandowski said this week that someone in the Trump campaign in conflict with Russian officials in presidential elections in 2016 should “go to jail for the rest of their lives.”

“I think someone would say that Paul Manafort Roger Stone and Rick Gates and the Carter site or anyone else trying to influence the outcome of US elections through improper means – co-operation or co-operation – I hope I’m going to jail for the rest of my life, Lewandowski said on Tuesday at George Washington University, according to Washington.

“It’s easy, our electoral process is too serious, our democracy is too important to try to influence people beyond their own benefits,” he added,
Lewandowski’s after CNN reported on Tuesday that investigators Paul Manafort, former President Trump Campaign had heard before and after the 2016th election.

According to CNN, the government has received a phone arrest warrant for Manafort 2014

Manafort has developed as a key figure in a special advocate of Roberta Mueller’s choice of Russia in 2016 and possible co-operation between Trump and Moscow.

Mueller’s team has gone through a series of aggressive actions against Manafort over the last few months. In July, the FBI, for example, took a morning rush in the Manafort home in Alexandria, Virginia. Mueller was also commissioned by a former spokeswoman for the former campaign chair and former lawyer.

Trump repeatedly denied any coordination between his campaign and Russian officials and called Mueller’s investigation of “witch hunting”. Lewandowski allegedly defended Trump during his GWU show on Tuesday and said he had not seen any suggestions for alignment with the Russians during the Thai Tyco domain.

“I’ve never heard him say anything and everything is connected with Russia,” Lewandowski said after the reviewer. “He never mentioned to me or someone who was in my immediate present in Russia to join, participate, co-ordinate, cooperate or anything of that nature.”