Let’s lead the world together again: What May is set to tell Trump

British Prime Minister Theresa May is set to tell US President Donald Trump that together they can lead the world. As she becomes the first world leader to meet the new president following his inauguration, she will tell him that it is time to seize the opportunity brought about by Brexit and his election.

Mrs May will highlight the past achievements of America and Britain working together, and will add that rebuilding the special relationship the two countries share is absolutely vital for the whole world. She is set to say: “We have the opportunity to lead, together, again.”

Her own comments follow those of President Trump, who has already said that he wants Mrs May to be his Maggie. He was referring to the strong relationship enjoyed by former actor Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher during the Eighties, as the pair found themselves united as a result of the Cold War.

Two day talks

Mrs May will be in Washington DC for two days to hold discussions with President Trump at the White House. The pair are set to discuss Nato, with Mrs May saying to President Trump that cooperation between the UK and the US is absolutely vital to fight Isis.

She will also be discussing a potential trade deal in the wake of Brexit. While the two will not be able to come to any firm agreement ahead of Britain actually leaving the EU, it is understood that they will be holding some initial discussions about how the two countries can work together going forward.

President Trump has already indicated that he wants to strike a trade deal quickly. However, he has also said that his presidency will be all about putting America first. She is due to say that the two great countries can rediscover their confidence together.