Kim Jong-Un Warn of Rocket Test that could Reach U.S with A-Bomb

Kim Jong-Un has implied that North Korea is about to test an intercontinental ballistic missile that would put the U.S in striking distance of an atomic bomb.  Although much of the country’s weaponry is outmoded, the test would dramatically add to tensions which have built up between North Korea and the West.

Last year North Korea successfully tested an atomic bomb.  In his annual new year address, he hinted that a missile was under development.  Although he didn’t give a timescale some believe that it could be within a few weeks.  This coincides with Mr Kim’s birthday and the anniversary of the nuclear test.

Mr Kim stressed that war with South Korea should be avoided and stressed the importance of building the economy.  A five-year plan was announced last May.  He did, however, warn the U.S to end war games with South Korea, or he would expand North Korea’s military capabilities.

According to North’s official Korean Central News Agency, Mr Kim said, “The political and military position of socialism should be further cemented as an invincible fortress.

“We should resolutely smash the enemies’ despicable and vicious moves to dampen the pure and ardent desire of the people for the party and estrange the people from it.”

North Korea has been developing its nuclear and missile capabilities since Mr Kim came to power in 2011. Last year, it made two successful nuclear tests.  UN resolutions have called for an end to the country’s nuclear programme.  North Korea, however, seems to be ignoring the resolutions.

Asia is set for turbulent times with a new president, Donald Trump set to be sworn in, in a few weeks time.  Trump has said that he would meet Mr Kim but not on North Korea’s soil and wants China to have more control over Pyongyang in an effort to get it to give up its nuclear programmes.