The famous rapper/producer Kanye West has also placed fashion under his belt. But now, the artist is taking on a new role. Mr. West is advising artist on becoming a superstar. Well, maybe just Lewis Hamilton. It was revealed by Lewis Hamilton that he received advice from Kanye.

Hamilton is a Formula 1 driver that is battling for the World Championship with his teammate, Nico Rosberg. Rosberg has his eyes set on winning his first championship, this Sunday. But, his teammate has a different view of things. With victories in his past two races, Hamilton only needs to win at Interlagos to finish for the final run in Abu Dhabi.

In 2015, Hamilton paid a visit to Kanye’s home and received the celebrity advice. Often seen socializing with A-list celebrities, it wasn’t usual to see two stars together. At the same time, people have been criticizing Hamilton for his lifestyle that he lives. One of the choices involve dating Nicole Scherzinger, the popular pop singer. The former McLaren driver is also attempting to enter the world of music production, hence Kanye West.

Kanye’s Advice

While interviewing with City A.M, the Formula 1 driver recalls his conversation with Kanye. “I went to see Kanye at his house and he goes, ‘You know, me and you are very much the same. I’m big in the music world, but I’m trying to do what I love in fashion, and people don’t like it. You’re big in your racing world, but you love your music, and people will probably struggle to accept that. You need to do what you love and not give a F@#$ what anyone thinks.”

Hamilton noted his desire to be more outspoken, like his celebrity advisor, but he has restraints because of his sponsors that pay his bills. Although the advice may have been a little different, it was straightforward and valuable.