Jacob Zuma is leading South Africa into civil war

Any normal individual with an impartial thinking will take control of a situation if he thinks that is the best way to make things right. The rate of vigilante justices in South Africa has got several people talking with the belief that the police don’t do their work and let the suspects walk away after collecting cold drinks from them. There are several fine and credible police officers who were appointed to uphold the honor and glory of the society end up getting settling for bribes.

How low has the society fallen?

Although it may be possible not to blame Jacob Zuma for the fire in Knysna or the dry spell in Cape Town, the fact that he is responsible for the deterioration of the law enforcement agencies can’t be denied. Police harassment keeps people in constant fear that they can be stopped just to be extorted and it means something else when people’s lives are actually threatened by the authorities that are supposed to protect them. The tough reality check became real to people like Trevor Manuel, his wife and the CIC of EFF when the threat email was revealed.

The authorities may be bad at their job but threatening the lives of people like Julius did is something on a whole new level. Investigations don’t have any headway even when the claim has been put forward and EFF ilk will likely be pushed into a new alternate with this. What I dread the most is; can the people of South Africa be convinced that the authorities that are meant to protect them are threatening their lives? Individuals will ascend to fight and “shield” themselves.

Thanks to every one of those fair ANC MPs who have conveyed us unto this crossroads in our delicate history. Gwede Mantashe whatever regard I had for you is no more. Your parcel has lost the battle for the spirit of ANC to hoodlums. You are excessively feeble, making it impossible to battle for its trustworthiness. All of you ought to be embarrassed about yourselves.