ISIS Digital Unite Instructing Sympathizers And Followers To Kill Trump

In a globalized world, where technological advance constantly increases interaction between humans, a clash of civilization is imminent.

The Middle East has been a ideological frontline with the west since centuries, that culminated in several wars that ravaged the region and gave rise to radical ideologies aimed at revenge from the western nations.

Violent Origin

The preemptive wars conducted by the United States of America and their European Allies in Afghanistan and Iraq saw the rise of extremist entities in the shape we witness now.

With the ascendance of violence, these militias have morphed into more advanced bodies.  The Arab spring marked a new era for this phenomenon as a group emerged from the ashes of the bloodshed, calling themselves the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant.

In an unprecedented move, which saw ISIL integrate members from all over the world, they initiated new mechanisms in their battle using the most advanced technology.

One of these elements is their hacking division that calls itself United Cyber Caliphate.  This battle unit saw the light of the day as recent as April this year, being the outcome of three different hacking groups that have pledged allegiance to ISIL merging together.

Mission Spread & Execute

Since they have been occupied spreading the words of their extremist rhetoric, recruiting potential volunteers and propagating followers with guidelines in accordance with the goals of the terrorist entity.

This online unit has caught the media’s attention, April of last year, when they posted online a list of American government officials related to the state department, department of homeland security and other departments as killing targets by any sympathizer or follower to execute.

Now, the UCC has released a more extensive list containing the personal details of nearly 9000 Americans including their addresses.

This account poses a significant threat to the American government as it includes the names and details of high-officials as well as the president himself.

A video message was attached to the document that saw the hackers threaten their enemies saying: “Know that we continue to wage war against you. Know that your counter attacks only make us stronger. The UCC will start a new step in this war against you. So expect us soon Insha’Allah”