Intense rat bites on a newborn led to the arrest of Arkansas parents

A newborn baby to Magnolia, Ark. (KARK) was found with severe rodent bites on its body, and this led to the arrest of the parents.

About 11:30a.m on Sunday, 14th day of May, the attention of the Magnolia Police was called to Magnolia Medical Center following a rare case of a child that had several rat bites. Giving more details on the incident, an ER nurse made it clear that the baby was about 15 days old with a weight of about five pounds. The nurse further stated that the child had sustained serious injuries following bites of about 100 times.
A statement from the Police has it that the baby’s hands, face and even fingers had injuries following rodent bites. One of the severe wounds was on the baby’s forehead that left the skull visible.
The police have identified the kid’s parents as Erica Shryock, 19, and Charles Elliot, 18.

More on the reports

The baby’s paternal grandmother, Regina Barton said that her son, Elliot had earlier told her that his baby was bitten by a mouse and was bothered because the child could be taken away. However, she said that she had told her son to take the baby to the hospital.
Speaking with the police, Shryock stated that she had put the baby to sleep around 5:30a.m on that very Sunday morning, May 14, only to find the baby crying later in the morning around 7:30a.m when she woke. In her statement, she said that she got up to check on her baby, but found her covered in blood in her bassinet where the baby sleeps. She agreed that she and her husband were aware that rodents are in their house but didn’t take any step to curb their activities or eradicate them.

In a statement by Elliot to the police, he agreed that they woke up to see the baby crying and covered in blood around 5 a.m. He also said that he saw some rat footprints in the crib when he attempted to clean the blood.
Elliot said that he was afraid to lose his child. As such, he had to wait with Shryock for his mother to get back home before they can rush the baby to the hospital. Then again, he agreed that he knew that rodents were in the house but didn’t take any step towards getting rid of such.
Elliot and Shryock were charged with endangering the wellbeing of a minor in the first order and arrested.
The police said that the parents in question had a roommate, Margie Williams who allowed the police to conduct a search in the home.

Search and statement by the police

With the search consent given to the Police by Williams, they searched and confirmed to see the bassinet with bloody rat footprints, a baby blanket stained with blood, rodent droppings close to the table and the baby’s hat wet in blood.
When the police interrogated Williams, she said that she woke up at about 5:30a.m and saw the baby crying. She agreed to saw the hole on the child’s forehead but wondered why the parents of the baby couldn’t wake up at the cry of their baby since the kid was sleep close to them.

Bottom line

A facial reconstruction surgery was administered to the baby on Monday, 15th May to alleviate the open wound on the kid’s forehead.
On Tuesday, May 16, a physician at Arkansas Children’s Hospital issued a doctor’s note to the police. In the letter was contained a statement that says that the there was severe skin damage from rat feeding. The doctor wrote that such event would have taken much time somewhat to happen and the baby must have been in discomfort all those while. The doctor further said that the parents were absent or incapacitated not to have responded and come to the child’s aid. He noted that about 75 to 100 rodent bites were found all over the child’s body.