Home Decorating – Illuminating Your Life

Light is the tone by which the measure of a room is set. Darkness, in its infinite grades, tends to make a space slower, quieter, and sleepier. By contrast light wakes things up, adding energy to a space, and making it more active and vigorous.

Both darkness and light are appropriate in various situations. The important thing is that you use the illumination in a space strategically, to achieve the desired effect. This effect will of course vary, room by room, and situation by situation.

The bedroom is a place where you relax and go to sleep, however, it is also the place where you wake up and spring into action. As such the light in this space should be dual in nature, with dim ambient lights giving you enough to relax into, and brighter spotlights giving you plenty to wake up and see by.

If you have a shared bedroom, you may also want to put spotlights next to each person’s place, to allow them to read or engage in a hobby, while the other person sleeps in the dark.

Living rooms and shared living areas have a similar dual purpose, although it is less extreme than in the bedroom. In these common rooms, you will generally want to have lots of bright lighting to see, read, and interact by. However, it is sometimes a good idea to have a set of lower, backup, ambient lights, which will allow you to take the mood down a notch, to something quieter, and more intimate.

A great way to have your cake and eat it too is to install a dimmer switch in place of a standard light switch. This is a rather inexpensive and convenient way to completely control the level of illumination in a space.

Not all lighting considerations involve sockets and switches. Some of the best interior lightings will simply come from the sun itself. While you can always control where the windows in your home are positioned, you can control how the light coming through those windows is dispersed throughout the space. This can be done through various shades, blinds, and even using mirrors to reflect the glow to other spaces.

Lighting is an important and often overlooked aspect of a home’s ambiance. It will basically set the tone for the entire space. Use brighter lights to add energy to a space, and use dimming agents to make things quieter and more intimate.