Hillary Clinton lines up Joe Biden for top job

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is said to be eyeing up Joe Biden for the job of Secretary of State if she wins.
The democrat is believed to be impressed by Mr Biden’s strong negotiating skills and lengthy political record.
Vice President Biden is a strong contender to become America’s next diplomat-in-chief if Mrs Clinton is successful in November.
About to turn 74, Mr Biden has no shortage of relevant experience. He spent 36 years representing the state of Delaware in the US Senate before becoming outgoing president Barack Obama’s running mate. Mr Biden has also been chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for some time.
Their combined experience could make Mrs Clinton and Mr Biden a very strong team, after Mrs Clinton herself had a four year stint as Secretary of State.
A source close to Mrs Clinton’s team is reported to have said: “He’d be great, and they are spending a lot of time figuring out the best way to try to persuade him to do it if she wins.”
While some thought Mr Biden might be considering retirement, given his age, he has publically indicated that he wants to remain in public life for some time, although he hasn’t ruled out other opportunities.
Mr Biden has been a staunch supporter of Mrs Clinton on her campaign, travelling across the country to speak on her behalf.
He is very popular among grassroots Democratic voters, so having him on her side is beneficial for the Clinton campaign.
The timing of this ‘leak’ over Mr Biden taking one of the top jobs of her new Government, provided that she wins the vote, could not be better for Mrs Clinton as voters are likely to be comforted by the thought of having such a safe pair of hands at her side.
Officially, the Clinton campaign is not commenting on any suggestion that Mrs Clinton is already choosing who will be selected for each job. She does not want to appear arrogant; as if she believes she will definitely win the upcoming election. She has told aides that she does not currently want to look beyond election day.
Mr Biden himself has not commented on this speculation, but sources close to him said he has not been approached with such a suggestion from Mrs Clinton.
The US presidential election is set to take place on November 8.